Your Chartered Real Estate Broker

Loyalty. No quality is more important than loyalty. It is essential in both the broker and the client, it works both ways.

Simplicity. Too often, professional ignorance and lack of self-confidence is manifested by an attempt to conceal these faults by vague and complicated explanations or conduct. The best results in the performance of a task are obtained by simple and direct methods.

Tact. A sense of the appropriateness of things, of when and how to act, is an invaluable lubricant to the conduct of human relationships.

Manual Dexterity and Skill. The man who can do things is admired.

Professional Knowledge. Adhereing to one’s duties and profession is a must.

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We have over 9000 listings on the island of the Montreal alone.

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Home sellers are paying on your behalf for you to be represented

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My Professional Highlights

  • Master Negotiator
  • In-depth knowledge of Real Estate Market
  • In-depth knowledge of building’s structure
  • In-depth knowledge of building’s service systems
  • Will provide realistic estimates for renos
  • Gift Certificate from Eco-Nature ($1000-$1500)
  • Will work only with top building inspectors
  • Will never represent a Buyer and a Seller in the same transaction
  • Licensed reno crew on stand-by for any needed reno work
  • Will help get you approved for mortgage through my network
  • My professional reputation is priceless