My Story

Learning about the construction of structures, buildings and houses have always been my passion. That is why I decided to get a Bachelor Degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University. Those four years (2000-2004) gave me an in-depth understanding of house structures, heating & ventilation systems, Plumbing, Electrical and building envelope.

I do wear my Iron Ring very proudly as a symbol and a reminder – it states the duties and responsibilities of an engineer.

Real estate brokerage is what goes hand in hand with my university degree. I am very analytical and attentive to details. I have been actively working as a chartered real estate broker since 2005. I am a tough negotiator, coached and continue to learn from a top hostage negotiator.

You would not want to have me on the other side of the negociation table.

My vision has always been to provide valuable services to everyone including professionals, who have always well appreciated having someone to deal with everything from A to Z.

The Expert by Your Side

When you’re selling: My track record of success means I know how to showcase your house effectively, market and promote it so that it attracts qualified buyers and get it SOLD for the highest price.

When you’re buying: My expertise in the local market means I can introduce you to homes that meet your criteria – and notify you immediately of brand new listings. I can advise you on what to look for when viewing a home, so you don’t make a catastrophic mistake, and I can arm you with in-depth details on every property you see. When you find a home you fall in love with, I know how to negotiate effectively so you get that property, at the best possible price. In fact, nothing pleases me more than saying, “You got it, it is yours!”



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